Private School Transportation

HCA students living in various districts of NJ may qualify for busing or transportation aide reimbursement (some NY districts provide busing only). In order for NJ residents to qualify, a B6T application must be completed each year for each child (typically due in January of year prior). Please find both the application and a list of townships known to recently provide busing/reimbursement.

Please contact our Lower School office for more information.


"Transportation or aid in lieu of transportation shall be provided to eligible nonpublic school students Monday through Friday between September l and June 30 when the nonpublic school is in session. The rules adopted by the State Board of Education for the transportation of public school students are also applicable to nonpublic school students transported by a local board of education. The rules specific to nonpublic school transportation are found at N.J.A.C. 6A:27-2.""

NJ Department of Education