The SCRIP Program

SCRIP allows our parents to earn discounts on tuition simply by purchasing gift cards to various stores.  Numerous retailers have offered gift cards at various denominations and discounts for purchase through the SCRIP program.

How does it work?
You, or anyone else on your behalf, purchases gift cards to stores you normally frequent for their face value.  Then, a percentage of the face value is given to the school and applied to your tuition.  For example, you can purchase a $100 gift card to Shop Rite for $100.  Then, 4% (current rate as of this writing) of that ($4) is applied to your tuition.
How do I place an order?

You must first enroll at Find the Create Account button on the frontpage to begin. During the enrollment process you will need to add your personal information as well as a student name and enrollment code. The student name tells us which family is to receive the SCRIP credits (use any child's name in the family). HCAs enrollment code is 226L2BLA1991, this will allow you to associate your account with HCA.

Once you've enrolled, shop away.  You can browse through a list of shops, or search for your favorites.  The site includes a help feature for more information.

For what stores is SCRIP available?
There are many, many stores offering SCRIP and there are stores being added regularly. Visit for the current list.
Who can order SCRIP?
Anyone can order SCRIP. Many family members and friends may be willing to purchase SCRIP through to assist you with your tuition.
How do I pay for the SCRIP?
SCRIP is paid for by check (payable to Hawthorne Christian Academy) and due in the HCA office by Monday morning.

When do I receive my gift cards?
SCRIP orders are distributed at the end of the week. So, orders paid for on Monday will be received on Thursday/Friday of the current week. Fulfilled orders are distributed at school.
How often can I order SCRIP?
You can order as much as you want, when you want. However, SCRIP orders are only processed at certain times. During full school weeks and select summer weeks SCRIP will be processed. Just be sure to have your payment in by the Monday after you've placed an order. Even if SCRIP isn't being processed that week, your order will be waiting for the next process week.
I have questions, who can I ask?
Many of your questions can be answered on You can also email questions to our SCRIP Coordinator at