HCA Chromebook Program

HCA's Chromebook program is meant to strengthen and enhance the learning process through the practical integration of technology in the workflow of students and teachers. A key facet of the program is the distribution of Chromebooks to all students in grades 9-12 for use at school and home.

Chromebook Distribution

  • Students entering grade 9 will, in nearly all cases, be issued a used Chromebook.
  • Students entering grades 10 - 12 will be issued either a new or used Chromebook (depending on availability, use history, etc.).
  • All Chromebook (and chargers) will be collected at the conclusion of each school year.

Warranty & Maintenance

  • New Chromebooks issued to students will be covered by a 3-year warranty which includes accidental damage and battery replacement protection.
  • Used Chromebooks issued to students may or may not be covered under warranty.
  • Parents and students will be responsible for any non-accidental damage to the device as well as any other problems experienced beyond the scope of a typical warranty (including theft/loss).
  • Chromebooks requiring any maintenance or repair should be brought to the attention of technology department personnel immediately.

Home Usage

  • Students may only use Chromebooks at home if they have received permission from their parent/guardian.
  • Parents/Guardians are always encouraged to implement Internet filtering/monitoring at home regardless of the device being used. Parents are encouraged to limit use of Internet-enabled devices to public areas where usage can be monitored.

Management & Filtering

  • All school-issued Chromebooks have access to a designated wireless network while on campus. This on-campus network features one or more content filters.
  • All school-issued Chromebooks are managed by the school. This management includes, but is not limited to, asset-allocation, website usage reporting, and in-class monitoring by school faculty.


  • Students should fully charge their Chromebooks prior to each school day.
  • Students may NOT charge their Chromebooks in class.
  • Several Charging Stations will be available on campus for the charging of Chromebooks during the school day.


  • All students will be connected to one or more Google Cloud printers to which they can print from their Chromebooks during the school year.
  • Print jobs may be monitored/administered by technology department personnel.
  • Student Chromebooks may also be connected to home printers if the student/parent is knowledgeable; HCA provides no support for printing to home printers from Chromebooks.


  • All students should have a pair of headphones or earbuds with them each school day. Unless otherwise directed, all audio from chromebooks should be directed through student headphones.
  • Only school-issued Chromebooks may be used as a part of this program. Other personal devices may only be used outside of class.
  • Unprepared students may rent a Chromebook at the rate of $5 a day. This fee will automatically be billed the student's parent/guardian.
  • Students may be required to return their Chromebooks for routine maintenance during the year. Students will be emailed prior to the date upon which the maintenance will be performed. A student loaner will be provided.